We’re excited to offer the hCG weight-loss program.  This energizing new program allows you to melt away as much as a pound a day without feeling stressed or hungry!

Frequently Asked Questions – hCG Diet Plan

What is hCG and how does it work?

hCG has been around for over fifty years but has gained widespread attention within the last ten years.  An endocrinologist first proposed a weight loss concept based on hCG.  It had been noticed that pregnant women living in 3rd world countries who were malnourished and underfed, gave birth to normal healthy babies.  hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin – a hormone naturally produced by women during pregnancy) makes this possible by mobilizing non-essential fat stores to provide energy to the developing fetus.  This hormone allows the body to mobilize fat and use it as energy.

When originally introduced, the hCG formula was administered by daily injections.  It has now reached its popularity because it can now be administered orally.
hCG stimulates the hypothalamus to safely release fat stored in “problem areas” (like your thighs and abdomen) so that your body can use it for energy.
Is hCG safe?

Cathy Goldstein, the director of IHAC has done extensive research on the benefits of hCG.  Her passion is to offer a safe, homeopathic, and natural diet plan to help you lose weight so you can feel better about yourself.  Cathy only offers protocols that are safe and EFFECTIVE.  She has been asked by many patients what she would recommend for a diet plan and she only has one choice – the hCG diet plan.  She is very passionate about the hCG diet concept and believes in its value.

Homeopathic hCG is extremely safe.  All women experience very high levels of hCG during pregnancy with no adverse effects.  The minute dilutions of homeopathic drops are safe for virtually everyone.

Why are there different types of fat in your body?

The key to understanding how the hCG diet works is to first understand that we all have three different “types” of fat in our body.  The first two types our body uses regularly, but the third – “unhealthy” fat tends to collect in our body.  The hCG diet goes toward those areas of unwanted fat and slowly they are lost.

The three different types of fat in your body are:

  1. Structural fat – found in-between vital organs giving protection and support for your body. This fat is not disturbed even when you exercise.
  2. Normal or Essential fat – what your body uses to burn when your nutritional intake is less than what your body demands.  It is reserves of fat evenly distributed throughout your body.

Structural and essential fat are both considered “normal.”

  1. Unhealthy, Abnormal or Secondary fat – the excessive fat found throughout our bodies.  This fat tends to accumulate in women in the hips, thighs, waist, buttocks and behind the upper arms and in men in the stomach, upper chest, back and neck.  Unfortunately, the body doesn’t typically burn unhealthy fat because it isn’t “programmed” to do so.

The hCG diet “releases” abnormal fat deposits and makes it available for the body to burn. In other words, hCG reprograms your body and resets your metabolism to burn the fat we all hate. The result – weight loss in places that in the past and with other diets seemed impossible!

What is the key to the hCG diet?

Unhealthy fat is typically retained by the body and is only released as a last resort.  The hCG diet plan’s key is that it can set the body to burn this non-essential fat that for many cannot find a way for this fat to be released.  Regular intake of hCG in combination with a very low calorie diet “resets” the body to release the non-essential fat.

How much weight can I lose?

Millions around the world have experienced losing 20 pounds per month or ½ to 1 pound a day.

Is hCG the right diet plan for me?

If you are looking to lose 15 pounds or more, the hCG diet plan is right for you.

How do I get started?

Make an appointment at our office.  We will review your medical history and weight loss goals to determine if the hCG diet plan is a good fit for you.  We will go over the entire program to ensure your success.  We will determine how much hCG formula to take each day, educate you on what you can and cannot eat, gather your measurements and then set up future appointments to monitor your progress.

When you arrive at our center we will provide you a booklet that talks in detail about hCG and its benefits.  The booklet is called “hA2cg Success – A Dieter’s Guide.”  The contents are as follows:

  • A New Approach to Obesity
  • Before You Start (Detox)
  • Be Prepared
  • Weight Loss With hA2cg Evolution
  • Maintaining Your Weight
  • A Healthy Diet for Long-Term Success
  • Alternative: The 1000 Calorie Diet
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Common Errors
  • Recipes: 500 Calorie Diet Phase
  • Recipes: Maintenance Phase

Will my metabolism slow down if I am on a very low-calorie diet?

In a typical diet plan, most body’s respond by storing fat and decreasing metabolism.  This happens because fat is a lifesaving source of stored energy.  When a very low-calorie diet is used in combination with hCG, the stored fat is used for energy, eliminating excess fat reserves.

Wouldn’t I lose the same amount of weight eating a very low-calorie diet without hCG?

Typically, you lose weight by simply consuming less calories and fat.  When this is done most people lose water and muscle mass and not non-essential fat.  Therefore a regular diet makes gaining the weight back easier.  With the hCG diet plan you lose the weight and KEEP IT OFF!  With the hCG diet plan, non-essential fat is mobilized for energy and the rest is eliminated.  You benefit by releasing excess fat without affecting your bones or muscles.

Could I do the hCG diet plan on my own?

Persons who desire to lose weight through an hCG-based weight loss plan must be monitored by competent health care practitioner.  We will educate you on the steps necessary for you to be successful, monitor your progress and be available to you if you have any questions.

Will I get hungry on the diet plan?

Because hCG mobilizes fat and makes it available to the body as an energy source, it naturally reduces appetite.  You intake fewer calories and your body accesses the energy it needs from your stored fat cells.  The hA2cg formula has select ingredients that help control cravings and reduce appetite.  Approximately 2 days into the hCG diet plan, many notice significant decrease in their appetite.  Overall, most people have plenty of energy and feel good while on the program.

Does the weight loss slow down after the first month?

Weight loss slows down gradually after 3-4 weeks.  This does not mean weight loss has stopped.  Typically, inches are being lost continuously throughout the program.  Weight loss is usually achieved in a stair-step fashion.  You may lose, and then level out for a few days while the body is rebuilding and restructuring your cells and tissues.  This helps prevent sagging tissues from the large weight loss.

I like to exercise regularly – does this interfere with the hCG diet plan?

Due to the extreme restrictions on caloric intake, patients who regularly participate in rigorous or strenuous physical activity (for work or play) should reduce their level of exertion while they are on the hCG diet.

To receive maximum benefit, we recommend physical activity

One of the key aspects of the hCG diet is physical activity. Dieters must exercise to experience maximum benefit.  Exercise should consist of     minutes of cardio and     minutes of light weight training (or equivalent activity, e.g. in a job that requires manual labor) five times a week (no more than 45 minutes of exercise per day).

Weight Loss Program       

500 Calorie a day program
One week before hCG – Start the cleansing drops, which is 20 drops of the appropriate formulas
(Detox I,II,III, Matrix Support on M,T,W,TH and Matrix Support Cerebromax/Spinalmax on Fri, Sat, Sun and), in a liter of water sipped throughout the day.

Start the hA2cg drops – Days 6 & 7 you will start the hA2cg drops, 10 drops under the tongue, 3X per day.  On days 6 & 7, you will do Fat Loading days.  Eat high amounts of fat to fat load.  Continue the cleansing program.

Day 6 – 21 up to day 40 – Take the hA2cg 3x a day and follow the 500 calorie a day diet.  You must do at least 21 days of hA2cg in order to reset the metabolism in the hypothalamus, but no more than 40, as the body will start to develop resistance to the hA2cg.  Continue the cleansing program.

The hA2cg formula must be stopped 2 (two) days before you stop the 500 calorie diet.  Continue the cleansing program.

Start 3 week maintenance – Add fats, nuts, dairy, more meats, vegetables & fruit.  Rule is – no sugar or starches.  Stabilize weight attained at the end of the hA2cg.  Continue the cleansing program.
1,000 Calorie a day program

Follow the plan and diet as the 500 calorie a day program, but you intake 1,000 calories per day.

Add Optilean – once a day, a weight-loss meal replacement whey based protein powder nutritional beverage that provides nutrients in proportions carefully chosen to support weight loss. This advanced formula contains Chromium to inhibit synthesis of new fat from carbohydrates; Phaseolamin to reduce carbohydrate absorption; green tea extract to enhance cellular energy metabolism and to protect cells with its antioxidant properties; and Alpha-Ketoglutarate to support muscle protein synthesis.

Add EquolSlim – a nutritional supplement that brings together some of the latest advances in weight management. The primary ingredient is Equol one of the most studied iso avinidols-with proven patent-
pending application in weight loss. Also included is 7-Keto, another extensively studied and patented substance that has demonstrated significant weight loss benefits. The formula is rounded out with 5-HTP and Chromium (both known for their weight control properties) and the plant-derived Guggul Lipid and Carallum Fimbriata (used for centuries in India to control appetite and suppress cravings).

You can expect to lose 10 lbs every 2 weeks on the 1000 calorie program.