Are You Dreaming of Good Health? If you are unhappy with traditional medical solutions or would like to address your or your child’s symptoms without prescription medication, we can most likely help. An initial evaluation using muscle resistance testing is used to pinpoint underlying causes of symptoms ensuring the best individualized protocol is selected for you. By addressing the underlying causes of disease, the success rate of healing is greatly enhanced.

We realize that the overwhelming and sometimes contradictory information that is available can result in confusion. At Integrative Health and Allergy Center it is our goal to not only apply the appropriate therapies for you individual health needs but to ensure you acquire the tools to maintain your health.

• Freedom from allergies and pain
• Excellent energy – increase in your energy and general well being
• Restful sleep – be able to sleep well (could also affect your weight)
• Clear thoughts – no more brain fog, more clarity
• Balanced mood – no more mood swings
• Great memory and focus – feel more confident and secure
• Gain power over your health problems – rather than being a victim of them
• Vibrant, energetic, productive lifestyle – love your life again.
• Gain boundless energy and increased vitality

We offer a wide variety of treatments that are holistic, natural, safe, drug free and effective.

We empower you:

• Individualized treatment designed for you
• Education and knowledge
• Reading your body signs
• Right eating
• Helping your body heal
• Regain and maintain your health
• Bring about natural health and healing

With the use of these therapies, symptoms associated with a variety of conditions can be addressed. Great results are being achieved for people suffering from allergies, autoimmune conditions, digestive dysfunction, ADD, ADHD, autism, pain syndromes, anxiety, depression, asthma and hormonal imbalances, to name a few. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.